Only Ono Pick-Up Instructions

Only Ono BBQ order Saturday 
Dim Sum & Then Sum Drive In
No contact PICK UP
By Reservation/Preorder

Please stay in your vehicle. Wear a mask to take delivery. Please do NOT come into any cooking area (by the pit, outdoor cooking area, kitchen or any entrance). We have to keep our team, customers and food safe.

The rules for Heritage Hall only allows people on our team in the cooking areas.
Mahalo for your kokua.

Mahalo for your order! Please check your total (and your order before you leave) You can pay with Venmo @onlyonobbq (Keith Apana) kupuna meal voucher, cash at pick up (instructions below) or online. If you have reserved a duck or your order is over $100, we would appreciate if you could pay in advance.

PARKING AND PICK UP INSTRUCTIONS at Heritage Hall (401 Baldwin Ave. Red flag at the entrance)
1) Pull carefully into parking lot and park in the numbered parking spots. Each parking spot will be marked by a numbered traffic cone. If there are no traffic cones, PLEASE DO NOT PARK DIRECTLY NEXT TO ANOTHER VEHICLE. We are social distancing our cars!

2) To alert us you have arrived for pick up please TEXT (please do not call) 808-777-9026 with the name your order is under, the make, model, and color of your car and/or what NUMBER PARKING SPACE you are in.   Do NOT type reply 1 from the websites confirmation letter, it doesn't alert us that you have arrived.   If you have questions, TEXT 808-777-9026.   If you are early, please be patient for service to begin.

3) If you have not already paid online, or with Venmo "@onlyonobbq", please have your payment (cash or check) in a recycled envelope with your name and total enclosed. Please bring the exact amount. We will not have change and are trying not to touch money. We will have envelopes if you need.

4) Please put on your mask. open the door/trunk where you want delivery. If paying cash, please place envelope with payment on the seat or in trunk where you are receiving delivery. Please do NOT hand money to our workers.

5) We will bring your order out and place in your vehicle. You can stay parked (but stay in your vehicle) and eat in your vehicle if you like OR take it to go. (Service times are 10 to 11:30 am, 11:30 to 1 pm and 1 pm to 2:30 pm. This should give you plenty of time to eat in your car before the next service starts).

6) REORDER: If you want to order additional items while parked, please TEXT us again 808 777 9026:
A) Parking Space Number
B) The name of the item you want an order of 
C) Quantity of reorder
D) Repeat #4 for delivery. pay with Venmo @onlyonobbq or leave cash again.

Malama Pono
Mahalo for supporting our small family business